Principles & Ingredients

Cargill Cocoa And Chocolate, Indonesia

The Gerkens Cacao brand name is applied to the full range of high quality, consistent and reliable cocoa powders produced by Cargill. The name originates from the main cocoa powder producing powder for over 50 years.

Silvateam, Italy

SILVA TEAM manufactures ingredients for the food industry, mainly pectin and functional stabilizer blends. It is amongst the top 5 pectin producers worldwide under the registered name AGLU PECTIN. We provide ingredients worldwide under the registered name AGLU PECTIN. We provide the pectin for glazes, fillings, crushes, jams and jellies, juices, buttermilk, and lassi.

Leprino, US

Leprino Foods is the world’s largest maker of mozzarella cheese, Leprino is an American company with headquarters in Denver, Colorado that produces cheese, Lactose, whey proteins, and sweet whey.

Innobio, China

INNOBIO, CHINA has varied lines of products including micro-encapsulated lipid powders, specialty fatty acids, natural carotenoids, branched-chain amino acids, and more by the ODM services.

Volac, UK

VOLAC is one of Europe’s fastest-growing and ambitious international dairy nutrition businesses. Volac aims to work as one team with a single focus: their customers.

BGG, China

BGG (Beijing Gingko Group), a global leader in the manufacture and sourcing of clinically-supported ingredients for the dietary supplement, cosmetics, and food and beverage industries. BGG has provided the highest quality, natural ingredients to clients world-wide.

Wilmar, China

WILMAR is the largest producer of consumer pack edible oils in the world. One of the product groups that Wilmar international manufactures globally is a range of soybean proteins, oil, flour, lecithin, protein isolates, protein concentrates, soymilk powder, hydrolyzed protein, and textured soy protein

Bempresa, Poland

BEMPRESA Specializes in producing milk powders, with the goal to deliver innovative dairy products that meet the highest quality parameters. They provide the help of experienced technologists in the selection of the best dairy products.

Polaris, France

Polaris functional Lipids Polaris has been an expert in the field of lipochemistry and is specialized in the production, development, and formulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and marine-derived Omega-3 in particular.

Glanbia, Ireland

We are Ireland’s leading dairy processor and one of the top dairy companies in Europe. We process almost three billion litres of milk annually into a range of solutions and ingredients for export to global markets. We are also the largest buyer of Irish grains.

Alinda Groups, Greece

Alinda Groups (Greece) supplies functional ingredients and solutions for industrial users in order to optimize the production process and the organoleptic properties of the final product. We are following the always growing market as well as the rapidly changing customers trends in nutrition consumer goods.

Dubor, Germany

Dubor is a German-based company and specialist for release agents (Trennaktive) & spraying equipment (TSA 800), has focused on the manufacture of a wide range of products for the baking industry since 1961. Dubor has its presence worldwide and supplies its product to bakeries, confectionary & other industries throughout the world.