About Us

Calpro Specialities products find extensive use in the bakery industry whether it is a packaged egg-less cake or multigrain hi-fiber bread or for industrial biscuits. With many years of experience, we provide preservatives, emulsifiers, fibers, and hydrocolloids to extend shelf life and softness in bread, replace eggs in recipes, reduce fat in cookies or improve the quality of noodles/pizzas. Our sales team and food technologist are willing to develop customized solutions for your requirements in the given below categories.

Product Catagories

Breads & Buns

Calpro products provide the shelf life extension. The products also improve the dough strength thereby improving the loaf volume, softness and crumb texture. We have specialized range of emulsifiers and hydrocolloid for breads and bun.

Cakes, Muffins, Donuts & Brownies

Products offered by us helps in improving the cake volume. They also help in providing a fine crumb texture. These products provide a high over-run in cake mixes even in short whipping time.

Cookies, Biscuit & Crackers

Calpro Specialities offers a product which controls the spread and increases the stack height. Also, they reduce the requirement of shortening. These products also improve the texture, appearance, and gloss.

Glazes & Fillings

Products offered by Calpro impart smooth and firm spreadable glaze. They give a perfect gloss and real mirror effect. The products used in the fillings make it bake and freeze-thaw stable. Also, the fillings become smooth, straight peaks and easily piped out.

Dessert Premix

We offer the raw ingredients of instant mousse mix, cake decoration cream & instant custard mix. They reduce the whipping time by providing a higher over run. These products will provide the improved foam stability and mouthfeel.

Non Dairy Cream & Cheese

Calpro offers products which gives a higher over-run in Non Dairy cream. They also improve the foam stability. We have specialized range of emulsifiers and hydrocolloid range for Non Dairy Cream and Margarine.