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Working at Calpro is much more than a job, it is an expression of who you are and how important you are to us. The perfect place for you to achieve everything!

Calpro Specialities is a fast-growing organization. We provide rewarding opportunities for people who are committed to success & excellence in a dynamic business environment. You will be part of a dynamic workspace that offers you room to explore & grow, reach your full potential, and make a difference.

We recognize the importance of the expertise, skills, knowledge and motivation of our employees and invest in the training and development of all employees to enable us to successfully meet our business objectives.

Why Choose CALPRO?

Joining our team, it can feel like the opportunities are endless. Our diverse businesses span a wide range of industries, geographies and disciplines. No matter what you want to achieve, at CALPRO you can find the way to pursue it.

University Internships & Co-ops

Do You want a valuable, hands-on, real-world experience — to put all those long nights of studying to good use.? Our internship and co-op programs are the answer. You will learn about CALPRO and our career opportunities available in your career area to further develop your talents. Because you’re faced with challenging projects and earn the chance to interact with a variety of CALPRO employees and business partners.

Internships are typically 9 weeks in duration. Co-ops usually last an entire semester. Both programs offer you the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, gain valuable experience and contribute fresh ideas to your team. Show us that you have CALPRO potential and we’ll line you up for full-time employment.

Together we can build something better.

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