Dairy Ingredients

Product Description

Calpro Specialities launches full range of dairy products from it’s own manufacturing unit at Kosi Kalan (previously known as Mahaan Proteins). The plant is equipped with state of art lab to ensure safe and high-quality ingredients.

Product Range:

• SMP 34% •SMP 36% •WMP •WPC 35 •WPC 70
• Lactose 100 mesh •Lactose 200 mesh •Pharma lactose
• Sweet whey powder •Acid casien • Cream
• Sodium caseinate •Calcium caseinate •Butter
• Dairy creamer •Ghee

Calpro Provides a range of dairy powders & protein concentrates sourced from Bempresa, Poland. We have a variety of dairy ingredient solutions for different applications throughout the food industry.

Optimo Milky (SMP Replacer)

It is a perfect substitute for SMP, easy to dissolve in warm & cold milk, and can successfully replace 40% to 100% of SMP in bakery, dairy & confectionary foods.


Only 30% as sweet as sugar, Lactose is used as sugar supplement in infant milk formula and confectionery products. It also acts as binder and filler in tablets, currently sourced from LEPRINO, US and also manufactured by Our Dairy Plant, INDIA.

Sweet Whey Powder(SWP)

Made by spray drying of pasteurized whey. The product is demineralized 40%-70% to enhance milky taste and sweetness, sourced from ENKA, TURKEY and also manufactured by Our Dairy Plant, INDIA.


Connect with us for specific requirements on dairy ingredients like DEMIN 90, Whey Permeate.