Confectionery & Culinary

The confectionery industry of India, which was ranked 25th in the world in 2009, has now emerged as one of the largest and well-developed food processing sectors of the country. Indian confectionery market is going through rapid changes in terms of trends and consumer behaviour pattern. The industry is being benefitted from the country’s economic boom, and growth in consumer spending. This higher consumer spending is also driven by the new found mall culture and changing lifestyle.
Indian confectionery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 18% during 2012-2015.The confectionery market of India is divided into three segments: chocolate, sugar confectionery and gum market, which is further divided into sub-segments. Among all the sub-segments of Indian confectionery market, chewing gum market is expected to grow at the fastest rate, by value, in the coming years. From ideation through launch, we offer the marketplace knowledge, technical capabilities and ingredients you need to develop breakthrough confectionery products that will delight your consumers and help your business thrive.

Product Categories

Fruit Processing &
Juices Industry

Impart Viscosity and mouthfeel, Low water syneresis, Good flavor release, Good fruit suspension.

Confectionery, Chocolate & Edible Gum Industry

Provides smooth texture, Shiny appearance, and Short texture.

Seasoning &
Flavors Industry

It’s a solvent for oil soluble flavors, Carrier, Stabilize flavor emulsion, Stabilize and improvement of overall perception.

Soya, Meat & RTE Foods

Provides creamy texture, Shiny appearance, Enhance shelf life, and Easily soluble.

Sauces, Dressing & Condiments Industry

Good spreadable structure, Good emulsion stability, Short structure and shiny appearance, improved mouth feel, Good viscosity, no syneresis.

Creamers & Foamers

Goods free flowing and blending properties, Good solubility, Good whitening power and foaming power, Low free fat content, Very stable emulsion.