Calpro Specialities product range of hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, and proteins are important to create the unique product you want to develop whether it´s extruded ice-creams, frozen dessert, RTE desserts, or UHT choco-milk. Along with our partners, we provide tailor-made solutions that are both consistent and convenient to use. Besides being cost-effective, they also help you achieve the right consistency and texture. Our EMD range of dairy flavors helps enhance the much-needed dairy flavor in various end products.

Product Catagories

Ice Cream / Frozen Desserts

Calpro Specialities’ ingredients help to obtain the desired texture, melting properties, and extended shelf-life. Not only we offer individual ingredients but also produce tailor-made blends to allow consistent and convenient options to customers.

Yogurt / Curd

Our specialized whey proteins and hydrocolloids range allow you to obtain the perfect texture and consistency to the finished product set type or as yogurt.

Flavored Milk / UHT Milk

Special hydrocolloid based stabilizer allows our customers to produce a high quality chocolate/ flavored milk without protein denaturation, cocoa sedimentation or fat separation.


Calpro Specialities offers special pectin for acidified milk to produce buttermilk with required consistency without whey and seasoning separation. In Lassi, it helps to increase product consistency.

RTE Desserts

Our range of proteins and hydrocolloids helps you to achieve the right texture and consistency of your desserts like Custard, Shreekhand, or puddings.

Soft serves / Frozen Yogurt

With our ingredients we can help you produce concentrates and solutions for soft serves and frozen desserts to cater to your predefined process and requirements.